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At deme, the “she’s had work done” look of yesterday’s facial surgery has been a relic of the past from the opening of our cosmetic medical and dental collaborative. All our facial surgery procedures are conducted with approaches and techniques specifically designed to rejuvenate your own face, with natural-looking, proportional, and beautiful results.

For example, the tell-tale look of the old facelift–stretched, taut–actually made faces look older, almost skeletal. At deme, our facelift procedure restores your face’s naturally youthful volume and defines the cheekbone area and jawline, deploying approaches specifically chosen for you. Similarly, outdated rhinoplasties (commonly known as “nose jobs”) produced noses that were disproportional and looked oddly artificial. A deme rhinoplasty produces a contoured nose that flawlessly fits your face. Click on our menu above for more in-depth information about each of deme’s facial surgery procedures.

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