deme specializes in cosmetic and plastic surgical procedures of the face and body, with the mission to provide safe, clinically-vetted, impeccable procedures that yield in natural, “non-operated”-looking results. We believe that even family, close friends and colleagues should recognize the “new you” as fully you, with improvements so organic that medical procedure is undetectable.

Moreover, at deme, we strongly believe that there is no universal standard for beauty, period. The appearance of an aesthetically pleasing face and body obviously and rightly varies depending on culture and personal taste. Beauty should always be in the eye of the patient–neither an overly involved beholder, nor overly influenced by the popular culture.

With this as our focus is a strong proponent of deploying the right tools for these results. Decisions on the best approaches to facial rejuvenation procedures, tummy tucks, breast augmentation–all procedures–are made with the best you as the top priority, starting with a complete evaluation of your personal appearance and a thorough discussion about your goals for your enhanced, rejuvenated look.

Before rhinoplasty
After rhinoplasty

After rhinoplasty

In many cases, this means that a combination of non-surgical treatments–such as injectable fillers –as well as a surgical might be the best approach for you. For some patients, a rhinoplasty (commonly known as a “nose job”) might include injectable fillers to smooth out a bump, along with a minor surgical procedure to situate the silhouette at a more pleasing level.

In another case, the best approach to a breast augmentation for a woman who has breastfed one or more babies–leaving her with a loss of breast fat volume, along with a bust-line that has dropped to the extent that she feels uncomfortable–might be to create a naturally full-looking bust via fat transfer, removing and medically filtering excess belly and hip fat, to sculpt breasts that fit her body’s size and shape, as well as performing a breast-lift, to bring up the post-nursing “droop” line.

No matter which procedure is best for you, you will never leave deme with questions  before your procedure appointment. You will know exactly what to expect, the reasons for each decision, and the specific procedures and plan for your procedure and aftercare, confident that all your concerns and input has been fully addressed during your consultation at deme.

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