Spring Back Into Confidence!

Each month we’re here to give our fabulous followers the latest news and insider tips from deme’s team of experts. Spring is slowly but surely making its way into town, and that means more time outdoors. It’s time for the ladies and gentleman to get yourself looking and feeling fresh. Read on for the latest news in the world of health and beauty so you can step out with confidence this Spring.

With every wish for your continued health and fabulousness,
Your devoted team at deme.

Plastic Surgery

dr-steven-copit_0An Exciting Addition…

We are pleased to announce that Steve Copit, M.D. and Jefferson Plastic Surgery will be seeing patients at deme’s Wayne location beginning in May. Dr. Copit and his team are part of the oldest continuous plastic surgery practice in the United States. The history and tradition of this practice is evidence of the quality of plastic surgical care that they provide.

The team’s vast experience has allowed them to adapt and modify different surgical techniques to provide patients the best possible result. The goal is to afford patients the most up to date procedures providing natural results with the least discomfort and quickest recovery time possible. For over 100 years, Jefferson Plastic Surgery has been built one patient at a time, on a reputation for providing high quality, safe, consistent plastic surgical care.

Skin Care

shutterstock_161416379This One’s for the Guys…

Gentlemen, it’s time for you to take control of your skin. Skin care can seem like a very feminine concept, but the truth is everyone should be taking care of their skin. And just like women, all men have varying skin types. We know the torture shaving can put your skin through so we broke down dos and don’ts for taking care of your face.

Shaving and Facial Hair

Shaving can be irritating to the skin, but there are many solutions to keeping your skin soft and nick-free. Firstly, it is best to shave immediately after showering since the skin is moist and facial hair is wet and flexible. Shaving creams with aloe can also help soften the skin and hairs, especially when lathered up and left on the face for a minute prior to shaving. Creams with glycolic acid or salicylic acid help to exfoliate and unclog pores, preventing ingrown hairs.

After shaving, apply an aftershave lotion to soothe the facial skin and follow up with a moisturizer suited for your skin type.  If shaving is not enough, hair laser removal can now target smaller areas on the face. The Soprano ICE laser at deme now comes with smaller heads to reach inside areas such as ears and nostrils to remove unwanted hair.

To determine your skin type, schedule a consultation with one of deme’s clinical aestheticians by calling our Philadelphia office at 215.561.3363 or our Wayne office at 610.688.3363.

For more information on men’s skin care, visit our Men’s Skin Care Page.

Dental Care

Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation– All You Need to Know in One Place

Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about transforming your gums is now in one easy place. Visit Dr. George’s Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation Power Page to learn about the cutting-edge procedure that can give you your beautiful, confident smile back. Check out the Before and After Gallery to view real results.



This Spring is all about neutrals, from matte shadows to creamy nude lips. While Spring is usually full of pinks and rose tones, the fashion world has gravitated towards a more minimal, stripped down look this season.   For the eyes, oatmeal and vanilla hues are big, with deeper chocolate and cedar tones acting as contour colors. This can be flattering on many different skin tones when used correctly. For those who prefer that hint of sparkle, use a little gold or even a muted copper in the corners to really make the eyes pop. If you favor cooler colors, try a light grey shadow on the lid with an ash tone or deep plum contour color. For that hint of sparkle you can use silver or even purple in the corner.

For skin, keep it simple. A simple yet effective way to even out skin tone, get coverage, and protect the skin is by applying a tinted moisturizer with light SPF. Tinted moisturizers with light reflectors can give the illusion of flawless, nourished skin.

Highlighting is another trend that is continuing into Spring. For fair skinned ladies, pick a color that is slightly pink or rose gold for highlighting the face. For our blondes and brunettes, go for the gold. Using a fan brush, gently dust your highlighter over the top of the cheek bones and blend softly. Do not grind the brush into your skin, otherwise the highlight will not appear smooth. Then you can use a small shadow blending brush to gently dust your highlighter under the brow bone and bridge of the nose if desired. You may find that with a tinted moisturizer and highlighter, you may not need blush. If you do want that extra color, use a coral or light pink blush across the cheekbone.

As for the lips, nude lipsticks and glosses are the way to go this season. If your lips are naturally more pigmented, you may want to layer a lipstick and gloss to get the desired neutral effect. Remember, lip color is not one size fits all. Everyone’s lips have their own special hue. Try out a few until you find the right color for you!


Diversify Your Diet

TeffIf you’re bored with quinoa and chia seeds, there are countless whole grains and seeds out there with similar health benefits that can add some diversity to your diet. Farro, flax seeds, and hemp seeds are all fairly common and can easily be found in most grocery stores. However, teff is a lesser known grain that comes packed with some great health benefits.

Teff is a small grain that comes from an annual grass that is native to Ethiopia. It is about the size of a poppy seed, and like chia seeds, can be either dark brown or white. High in dietary fiber and iron, teff provides the body with sufficient amounts of protein and calcium. It also contains significant levels of phosphorus, magnesium, aluminum, copper, zinc, boron and barium and has all eight essential amino acids. Although similar to quinoa with their mild nutty flavor, teff seeds are much smaller, allowing them to cook faster and use less fuel.

Teff has been raised in the United States for a short time now and is growing in popularity in the gluten-free community. Go to your nearest health food store and try some teff for yourself!