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Show Yourself Some Love!

Show Yourself Some Love!

Each month we’re here to give our fabulous followers the latest news and insider tips from deme’s team of experts. Celebrate Valentine’s Day this month by showing some love to your health and beauty routine. This time of year, it’s all about looking and feeling great as the harsh winter weather continues taking it’s toll on your skin, hair, and overall energy. Don’t fret– we have the hottest trends to keep you looking fresh until warmer weather arrives!

With every wish for your continued health and fabulousness,
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Skin Care

Laser Hair Removal
Don’t be scared! Check out some FAQs

The air may be chilly, but Spring Break will hit before you know it, and one of the most popular ways to prepare for swimsuit season is laser hair removal. Laser hair removal has technologically improved over the years, creating many misconceptions about the procedure today. We’ve compiled a list of some frequently asked questions so you can decide if it’s time to take the plunge!

How does it work?
Laser hair removal aims a highly concentrated beam of light at one’s body hair. The hair pigment then absorbs the light, damaging the follicle at the root and decelerating future hair growth.

What areas can the laser treat?
Almost any area of the body can be treated with laser hair removal. The most common areas for both men and women to have treated are legs, back, stomach, arms, underarms, and bikini area. deme also has compact laser heads to reach smaller areas like ears
and nostrils.

How many treatments do I need?
Typically, 4-6 treatments are needed for laser hair removal to be effective. Not all hairs are in an active growth stage at the same time. Having multiple treatments ensures that all hairs are targeted during their active growth stages.

What should I do to prepare?
Do not wax or pluck hairs for 6 weeks prior to your first session. Waxing and plucking remove the root of the hair, and therefore leave nothing for the lasers to target. Also, avoid sunlight before laser hair removal; tanning prior to laser hair removal can lead to pigmentation of the skin.

How often should I go?
Your first few treatments should be done in regular intervals, usually every 4-6 weeks depending on the area of the body you are having treated. Once the hair growth has slowed down significantly, your aesthetician can recommend a timeline for remaining treatments.

Is it permanent?
Many people see a 100% reduction in hair growth after laser hair removal. However, the majority of people see a 70-90% reduction. If this is the case, extra maintenance visits can be scheduled to eliminate the remaining hair.

Is it painful?
The level of discomfort varies from person to person, but most patients report a “snapping” feeling on the skin that is less painful than waxing or plucking. deme’s lasers also have a cooling mechanism that ensures the surface of your skin stays cool and comfortable during treatment.

Product of the Year: Avery Graham’s Trifecta Serum!

Why is Trifecta the winner? Because it is the first retinol combination serum that is designed for everyone with no downtime and all the results, start today!

Nominated by an educational committee of international aesthetic professionals, voted for by industry leaders and loyal readers of world renowned Les Nouvelles Esthetiques Magazine, Avery Graham’s Trifecta Serum is LNE Spa’s Best Product and Serum of the Year for 2016 out of a record breaking 42 categories.


Trifecta Nightly Resurfacing Serum

When the body is best able to renew itself during sleep, Trifecta restores what the enemy has taken. Resurface, retexture and revitalize areas of unforgiveness with the science of restoration and our hallmark blend of retinol, glycolic and lactic acid. Micro-encapsulated retinol gradually penetrates throughout the night. Receive full resurfacing benefits with minimal irritation commonly associated with retinol products.

As a pioneer in Philadelphia in the field of clinical aesthetics, deme’s Elizabeth Cardarelli built a boutique practice with concierge service based on one-on-one patient care. In addition to providing services such as laser therapy and microdermabrasion, she is the founder and creator of Avery Graham. Avery Graham is a clinical skincare line that combines pharmaceutical grade ingredients with natural and organic properties in the most unique, luxury inspired, result-oriented formulations. Today, her hard work is recognized as her master serum, Trifecta Nightly Resurfacing Serum receives the honor of being named both Product of the Year and Serum of the Year for 2016.


Microblading- COMING SOON!
The Hottest New Technique in Shaping Eyebrows

Many women share the common, embarrassing problem of over-plucked, over-waxed, thinning eyebrows. Filling in brows with pencils and other make-up products has become a daily task for many, but Microblading has stepped onto the scene to change the game for those with sparse eyebrows.

What is microblading? It is a semi-permanent procedure that involves a certified technician manually depositing ink under the top layer of skin by using a special pen. Individual hair strokes are crisply drawn onto the skin, creating the appearance of  natural hairs. By sticking to the outer layer of skin, the pigment never reaches the dermis, unlike getting an actual tattoo. The pen used in microblading utilizes a blade that is three times thinner than the blade used for tattooing. Numbing ointment is used so the procedure is virtually painless, and there is no downtime afterwards.

Microblading is perfect for those with sparse brows, or those who wish to cover scars, fill in gaps, or create a natural-looking arch. This new procedure will be offered very soon by deme’s very own “brow whisperer” Ani White!


Bone Broth
Sound strange? It’s the hottest health food trend.

Bone broth was one of the hottest health food trends of 2015, but did you actually try it? New food trends can always be a little scary to try for the first time, especially when hear of something called bone broth. Don’t worry; it’s not as scary as it sounds! We have your guide to trying this deliciously healthy food for the first time.

Bone broths are a popular part of paleo diet and are typically made with either chicken or beef bones. Some broths also contain a small amount of meat still adhered to the bones; they are typically simmered for several hours in order to extract minerals from the bones and produce gelatin from the joints, which are rich in collagen. This infuses the broth with several nutrients including magnesium, calcium, and phosphorus, which can help in easing arthritis and joint pain. Since bone broth is rich in gelatin, it is a great source of protein that also helps hair and nail growth, as well as digestion and detoxing. It is also a great anti-inflammatory. For an inexpensive, delicious bone broth recipe, click here.