New Year’s Beauty from A to Z


With all the sweet treats around the holidays, it’s time to start your new year off right. From skin care and injectables to dentistry and nutrition, deme’s team of experts can help you keep your resolution with any of the services on our list from A to Z. Find something that will fit your beauty needs and keep you looking and feeling great all year long!

A  ARTAS Robotic Hair Transplant

B  Belotero and Botox

C  CEREC Crowns

D  Dysport

E  Eyebrow Shaping

F  Facial Fillers

G  Green Detox Smoothies

H  Hair Laser Removal

I  Invisalign

J  Juvederm

K  Kale Recipes

L  Laser Tightening Procedures

M  Make-up Permanent

N  Needling Skin Treatments

O  Orthodontics

P  PST Gum Recession Procedure

Q  Quit Smoking

R  Restylane and Radiesse

S  Sonicare Toothbrush

T  Tone and Texture Skincare Treatments

U  Ultherapy

V  Voluma

W  Whole Food Nutritional Counseling

X  Eyelash eXtensions

Y  Youthfulness

Z  Zoom Teeth Whitening