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Skin Care


Under-eye bags can be unsightly, embarrassing, and destructive to your confidence when looking in the mirror. Sometimes, you just need a quick fix that doesn’t require going under the knife. The Neotensil™ Under-Eye Reshaping Procedure dramatically reduces the look of under-eye bags at home in just hours. No surgery. No needles. Just real results so you can enjoy firmer skin and beautiful eyes.

The simple, two-step application process take approximately 5 minutes and begins with applying a smooth, even layer of the Reshaping Base using the Reshaping Tool to coat the surface of the skin. Then, using the Reshaping Tool again, the Activating Layer glides on top to activate the formation of Neotensil™. The tool is specifically designed with a low friction surface to guarantee smooth, uniform application and maximum comfort and control for your hand. Each application of Neotensil™ lasts for approximately 16 hours.

Each Neotensil™ Kit cost $500 and includes 50 applications.

At-Home Cleansing Devices

BlueMiaLG-NEW2When you spend your summer months lounging by the pool or bronzing on the beach, your skin may look a little weathered by the time August rolls around. At-home skin cleansing devices can be an effective, convenient solution to getting your skin looking fresh after summer’s wear and tear. But with so many products on the market, how do you know which device is the right one for you? deme’s aestheticians are here to help. They recently weighed in on some of the best products out there to keep your skin glowing all summer long.

Four out of five of deme’s clinical aestheticians feel the Clarisonic Brush is an excellent way to keep skin looking fresh during the summer months. Nicole Dresnin Schaeffer explains, “Anytime we rid the skin of dead cells it looks brighter and smoother. Additionally, it allows key products to better absorb into the skin. For the best results, it is essential to wash the brush with warm, soapy water after each use to avoid spreading unwanted skin care issues such as acne.” Beth Cardarelli says “I am not a fan of the Clarisonic for oily, combo, acne, sensitive or rosacea. In my experience, many break out from it and have better skin when not using it.”

If you want the newest technology in cleansing brushes, Jill Ranoia recommends Soniclear by Michael Todd True Organics. “It has antimicrobial technology built right into the brush and is the only bush that is totally safe for sensitive skin.”

In conclusion, for best results consult your skincare professional before purchasing any at-home skincare device.



Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation

Thorough dental exams are hallmarks of routine deme dental visits.

Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation is an amazing technique that is revolutionizing the way dentists approach gum recession. deme’s Dental Director Dr. Thomas George is one of the first dentists in the United States—the first from New York to Virginia—to be professionally trained and certified to perform this procedure. Dr. George was recently featured on CBS Philly for his expertise on this procedure.

Receding gums can occur at any age, creating a skeletal looking smile and leaving your mouth vulnerable to infection.  Gum Grafting, the “old” way of fixing the problem of gum recession, is a very invasive and painful surgery with an extensive recovery time.  The Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation Technique is a minimally invasive alternative that eliminates grafting and suturing, which means less pain and recovery time. A small access hole is made that allows patented instruments to loosen tissue that is then pulled up onto the roots of the affected teeth and supported with collagen.  The procedure only takes about an hour for 2-3 teeth and can enhance esthetics, decrease sensitivity and prevent further wear.


Cosmetic Injectables

Does your face speak louder than your words? By Maria Schafer, RN, BSN, Aesthetic Nurse Injector

You may not realize, but your most common facial expression could be saying more than the words you speak.  Some women have unknowingly been giving off facial expressions that make them look angry and upset. You feel great inside, but to the world you look grumpy and mean. This look can have negative consequences, making women look aggressive and intimidating, when we want to look approachable, confident and friendly.

This common resting facial expression has nothing to do with your emotions or mentality, and can be inherited or developed over time with age. Luckily a visit to a plastic surgeon or certified nurse injector can allow you to leave with a more friendly face. A couple of cosmetic procedures, such as a facelift, can raise the corners of the mouth to form a resting face that looks more like a smile, rather than a frown. Injections can also help to create a softer appearance. Botox can soften the lines that form when we look angry or worried, such as creases on the forehead and in between the eyes. Dermal fillers can smooth the lines and folds that form around the mouth when we look upset.

If you’re concerned that your face is speaking louder than your words or if you feel that your face is sending mixed messages, cosmetic injections may be the solution you’ve been looking for.



Reclaiming Psychotherapy and Clarifying the Work We Do By Michael Ascher MD ascher headshot

In my experience, patients most often begin psychotherapy while in the midst of intense emotional crises that feel too overwhelming to manage. A patient may be feeling significant emotions such as anxiety, sadness, or hopelessness, or report being in a state of inertia or “feeling stuck.” The presenting stressor may be an ongoing conflict with a loved one, the death of a parent, a feeling of disconnectedness from the world, or problems related to one’s work environment. The person who presents for the first therapy visit often has exhausted his or her coping mechanisms and is looking for guidance.

Because of this state of major internal distress, psychotherapy has become associated with being “defective.” But the bulk of what we do in therapy is not fixing the defects. It’s about beginning a new experience. It’s about learning and ultimately choosing the way you want to live with a better understanding of how previous experiences have shaped and influenced the person you have become.

Psychotherapy is about giving people space to live a more meaningful, purposeful and authentic life with a greater appreciation for the risks, benefits and alternatives to behaving and thinking in certain ways. It is also about developing self-awareness and what Heinz Kohut describes as a “realistic and reliable self-esteem.” Psychotherapy helps people accept the things that cannot be changed and leads to a life with greater integrity. Integrity is a state of existence that is most consistent with one’s own morals and values.

In today’s medical culture, managed care insurance companies often decide whether psychotherapy is clinically indicated, whether they will pay for it, and for how long. There is strong evidence that psychotherapy can be effective and can lead people to live healthier, more productive, and adaptive lives. While media portrayals of psychotherapy are far better than they have been in the past, there continues to be caricatured representations of therapy portrayed on the countless reality television shows.

We all share responsibility for distorting the image of psychotherapy. There continues to be conflict within the field of psychology where there is little collaboration between practitioners influenced by different theoretical orientations such as cognitive behavioral therapy and psychodynamic psychotherapy. The time is now to disseminate accurate knowledge of the utility of psychotherapy. It is in everyone’s interests to dispel the stigma surrounding psychotherapy so that more people are encouraged to take advantage of it.



Explore the Delicious Benefits of Teff

TeffWatch out kale and quinoa, the latest health food trend is here. Teff is a small grain that comes from an annual grass that is native to Ethiopia. High in dietary fiber and iron, teff provides the body with protein and calcium. It also contains significant levels of phosphorus, magnesium, aluminum, copper, zinc, boron and barium and has all eight essential amino acids. Although similar to quinoa, teff seeds are much smaller, allowing them to cook faster and use less fuel.

Teff is now being raised in the United States and is growing in popularity in the gluten-free community. Go to your nearest health food store and try some for yourself.


Plastic Surgery

Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 12.09.56 PMThe Truth About the “Ponytail Lift” By Kevin Cross MD

Recently, a national publication featured a procedure called the ponytail lift, a practice that they advertised as new and cutting-edge. The truth is, this procedure has been used by plastic surgeons for decades.

One form of this technique was published in a plastic surgery journal by one of my friends and colleagues over ten years ago.  The medical term for the procedure is a “minimally invasive lateral lift.” The “lift” can be used to do a number of things depending on a patient’s needs. It can be used to lift the cheeks, eyelids or eyebrows. The lift occurs by moving the tissues under the skin to a more elevated position and then securing those tissues in their new location to prevent them from sagging again.  As the deeper tissues are elevated, the skin comes with it, lifting what used to be naturally lifted, but has “sagged” through the effects of aging.

The lift can be targeted to specific areas of the face by adjusting where the incision is made. The incision I use for the procedure is half of the size that the doctor describes in the magazine. It is a nice procedure because it is effective, long lasting and can precisely target the area that bothers a patient.  It is more effective than wearing a ponytail because it can treat just one area that a ponytail pulls back or it can be used to permanently achieve the entire ponytail effect when that is necessary or desired.

The procedure is performed in office and takes approximately one hour with numbing medicine. I performed one recently in 45 minutes for a patient who was bothered by the fact that her outer eyebrows were starting to sag, making her brows look “sad” and causing extra heaviness to appear on the eyelids, making her look tired. She will have around one week of recovery time and her result will last decades. It is a great step for patients who do not see as much “lift” in their face as they would like from Botox and fillers or who do not want to go back a few times a year for injectables. It is also great for those who want to fix “sagging” but do not need a full-blown face or browlift.

Call deme to schedule a consultation today.


Hair Rejuvenation

Everyday Hair Care

If you’ve been using the pool to cool down this summer, chances are your hair is feeling the effects. Dr.Thomas Griffin, Director of The Hair Rejuvenation Institute of Philadelphia, offered some advice on healthy hair. For frequent swimmers, rinse your hair with fresh water and condition it at the end of the day to help combat the effects of chlorine. For everyday hair health, Dr. Griffin recommends up to 5000 IU’s of Biotin daily.  “A clean, healthy scalp is critical for healthy hair follicles. Wash hair everyday with a non sulphate, gentle shampoo and conditioner, preferably all-natural. Cosmedix vitamins for hair, skin and nails by Orthomolecular is also a great product for healthy hair,” according to Dr. Griffin. For thinning hair, he recommends a cocktail of 5% Minoxidil and Latisse. When trying to achieve healthy hair, avoid harsh chemicals, straightening and perms due to breakage. If your hair is naturally oily, it is best not to use conditioner, especially in the summer. Although, during the winter the hair and scalp could dry out without it.



 Fall 2014 TrendsChanel-États-Poétiques-makeup-collection-for-fall-2014

Summer is almost over and it’s all about Fall! The Fall make-up trends are in and here’s the report: the 1960s are taking over. From cat eye eyeliner to long, voluminous lashes, deme’s make-up artist Melissa Wills can help you achieve a modernized 1960s look that will turn heads.

AccesorEYES with sultry, smoky eyes that bring the drama like nothing else. Hints of metallics are going to be huge this Fall. For the eyes, smoldering color is going to be the look. The easiest way, and Melissa’s favorite, to incorporate this trend is to add a touch of bright shimmer to the inner corners of the eyes. Liners are going to be heavy on both the top and bottom lids, which should be accented with splashes of bold color. This season the classic smoldering look gets a colorful new twist with rich hues of blue, green and purple as well as dark metallics to give the eye a smoky fresh feel. Finish that look off with luscious lashes. Eyelash extensions are a great way to achieve that Twiggy-esque appearance. A great smoky or winged liner will accentuate the look. Try a new gel liner that glides on effortlessly and delivers intense color that lasts longer than traditional liners.

For the lips it’s all about True Blood! Deep, blood red lips are HOT for Fall! Go bold with a rich, creamy lipstick or dip your toe into the trend with a sheer red finish. With so many shades, there’s a red out there for everyone! For the face, Melissa sees a bare minimum complexion trend with a trace of glow on the cheeks. This could be easily achieved with deme’s custom blend foundation and a dab of glimmer sheer highlighter.

And finally, to give your eyes that finished look, sculpt those brows ladies! Polished and defined brows reigned supreme on the Fall 2014 runways. The look is shaped, without losing fullness and filled in to add extra impact. Well groomed brows are either subtly enhanced with shaded brush on products or defined using pencils and powders to achieve a look that is polished yet effortless.