deme’s Make-Up Dream-Team, Ani White and Melissa Wills on Whose Face Was Glowing–and Whose Looked Like…Fade-Out 

tilda_chanelWe’d been watching the Golden Globe Awards and came into work wondering if it was just us, or was Diane Keaton looking, well, not quite her usual fabulous, L’Oreal ad best? Glad we asked deme’s make-up artists, “Eyebrow Whisperer” Ani White and “Flawless Foundation-Maker” Melissa Wills. They gave us the business on told us what, why–and how not to do glamorous makeup.dianek

deme Little Black Book: We all love Diane Keaton–love Diane Keaton. But she looked kind of, well, off at the Golden Globes.

Ani: That’s because her makeup was so neutral and brown. Her skin looked very wrinkly, her foundation was dark, and she had this brown neutral lipstick on. I wanted to put rub off that lipstick and put something pinkier on her—or even something berry. On her cheeks, too. Put some color on her! She looked totally washed out.

Melissa: She needed a good, custom-matching foundation! As women mature, they tend to think that foundation ages them. Not true! What ages a maturing face is dark or orange tints, like the kind we saw on Diane. With a foundation to boost the red and pink tones in her skin, a maturing woman needs a custom-matching foundation, which might include, for example, hues of lavender to combat dulling skin tones, as the skin ages.

Ani: It also comes down to application. Fondation is supposed to even out skin tone—not cover the entire face, and certainly not with matte finishes because they have a tendency to settle in the troughs of wrinkles. Custom-blend foundation is the way to go. At deme, we can add a little moisture to hold the look and get the exact match with skin tone.

Melissa: But especially for mature skin, if you’re trying to match foundation tone at the beauty counter, apply it to the jawline–not your hand–and go out into natural light. That’s the only way you’re going to see if it works for you.

deme Little Black Book: And what did we think of Jacqueline Bisset–like Diane Keaton, in her late 60s?

Ani: Gorgeous! She had just the right amount of berry and pink on her face.

Melissa: Great example of how to get that glow–well into your 60s and 70s.

deme Little Black Book: Thanks for the tips, ladies! But still, we loved Diane’s suit, yes?

Ani: Loved the suit.

MelissaLoved–so Diane Keaton.