deme's_little_bbThroughout the season’s holiday festivities, we all know that friends, guests, and family are all subconsciously (or maybe overtly–Happy New Year, mother-in-law!) rating the fabulousness of our look. But if you think your overall appearance is being gauged by nothing but your cheerful smile and attire–well, we’ve got a fantastic bridge in Brooklyn to sell you.

The truth, in general? The season’s most gorgeous, flattering holiday dresses and ensembles are designed to frame one region in particular: your face, neck, and decollete. And as we age, not only do these areas grow evermore mismatched in terms of hue and tone, but they also sit on different levels on the spectrum ofhyperpigmentation, lines, and wrinkles. The real truth? That sparkling necklace or pretty neckline aren’t going to flatter as perfectly as they’re designed to, unless your face, neck, and decollete are evenly toned and smoothed.

tilda_chanelThat’s why we at deme are offering two specials to address that vital area in particular. First, we’re offering:

  •   a custom peel of the chest region, to slough away hyperpigmentation and textural unevenness, revealing fresh, toned skin underneath at $200 (regularly $350);
  •   a syringe of cosmetic filler to plump out those age-lines and wrinkles around the cleavage area for $675 (regularly $750);
  • and a custom-blended foundation for $80. 

Now, custom-blended foundation may not seem like a big deal. Believe us: It is hugely important for a flawless look. The brilliant make-up artist Melissa Wills is with us at deme to offer our patients the fabulous fruits of one of her exceptionally brilliant talents: getting the perfect tonal skin match for face, neck, and decollete. Once you’ve seen the flawless results, there’s no going back to the make-up counter. Ever.

No make-up counter artist–from Neiman’s to Blue Mercury–can offer the kind of  service and results that Melissa can at deme, period. In the privacy of either our Main Line or Center City locations, you’re able to change into a comfortable spa wrap-around towel so that Melissa will be able to:

  •   systematically observe compare the tonal and textural differences between the skin of each patient’s face, neck, and decollete;
  •      meticulously prepare with the skin with deme’s clinical skin care back-bar, with its extensive, medical-grade product line-up, as well as her own excellent clinical expertise;
  •     custom-blend your own light, hypoallergenic, top-grade water-based foundation, using extraordinary color-matching techniques to get the exactmatch for face, neck, and  skin variations;
  • and compare and perfect the match both in natural light, just outside our offices, and inside, with various lighting conditions;
  • plus, each patient is given a step-by-step make-up application lesson, so that she can re-produce the results she loves at deme at home, preparing for holiday events and beyond.

There just isn’t any comparison between the product and expertise that Melissa brings to deme and any other foundation purchasing experience, period. Moreover, if you fly off to sunnier climes for the winter, simply return to deme for an appointment with Melissa, bringing your bottle of custom-blended foundation along, and she will re-match your make-up to match your sun-kissed skin tone.

Sound irresistible? It sure does to us! That’s why we have arranged for Melissa to meet our patients for a consultation on custom blend foundation from 10am-6pm on December 17 at our Center City offices and December 19 at our Main Line location. Call immediately to book your session (we don’t want your money–this is a holiday gift from us at deme to you, our beloved patients!) and underline it in your own little black book. You won’t make a better make-up decision for the holidays–and perhaps, for a lifetime.

We can’t wait to see you at deme for your face, neck, and decollete  special holiday appointment–and on the 17th and the 19th for your custom-blend consultation!

With warmest, sparkliest wishes for the holidays–and your continued health and fabulousness–

Your team at deme