deme's_little_bbThe days are shorter, sunlight is growing scarce, and even with that extra hour of sleep, all that makes us feel tired as all get out. And tired, as we all know too well, shows up around the eyes. You know what we’re talking about: droopy, baggy, kinda old-looking. Definitely a dollar short of sparkly.tilda_chanel

So, let’s wake those eyes up! Giving the area around your eyes changes your whole look–and no one knows this better than deme’s own Best of Philly’s “eyebrow whisperer,” Ani White, and deme’s fabulous clinical skin care estheticians. That’s why deme is offering an “eye lift” special (non-surgical) for younger-looking, brighter eyes with our beloved pro. You’ll be treated to:

  • Brightening and tightening under eyes with a custom peel;
  • a Pixel laser session to lift and tighten skin and soften fine lines and wrinkles around eyes;
  • and eyebrow shaping and lash tinting.

There’s virtually no down time, the treatments are non-invasive, and best, the entire “eye lift” special is only $525 until 12/20/13–after which the price goes back up to its regular $650.

Book your appointment now to refresh and revitalize your tired eyes–and change your whole outlook, too!

With best wishes for your continued health and fabulousness,

your friends at deme