deme's_little_bbFirst things first: Run, don’t walk, to buy a copy of October’s MORE Magazine and read the special beauty feature written by Susan Gregory Thomas. Not only is it a terrific piece, but it also echoes deme’s philosophy: looking your best on the outside can have transformative results on the inside. Moreover, the writer also wrote about her experience undergoing a fat transfer procedure with deme’s head of plastic surgery, Kevin Cross, MD, a process by which fat is liposuctioned out of the patient’s belly, specially filtered to preserve fat cells’ volume and stem cells, then injected into the face, as a typical filler would be–except that since the fat becomes a permanent feature of one’s facial composition by developing its own blood supply, it’s yours to keep.The writer loved the results (and so will you. Plus, check out this fascinating piece on fat transfers and breast augmentation: click here). Congratulations, Dr. Cross! And hooray for deme for getting attention in a national women’s magazine!


Now, back to business: It’s September. Maybe it’s because the crisp, short days snap us all back into focus, or because we all still have that back-to-school alarm bell imbedded in our inner clock (quadruple that for those of us with kids), but let’s face it: Fall is the real beginning of the year. To us at deme, that means getting organized, upgrading the old look: putting on our game face.tilda_chanel

The easiest way to do that is to get that mouthful of pearly whites actually white and to get them finally aligned properly. Studies confirm teeth bleaching is an instant anti-aging treatment, as discolored teeth are primary signifiers of age; and teeth-straightening is the key to a kempt, symmetrical, gorgeous smile and overall look.

Now is exactly the right time of year to tie up those loose ends and make your game face shine. We at deme are major fans of Invisalign, a system that “invisibly” straightens your teeth using a series of custom-molded aligners. And the Brite Smile teeth bleaching system is the gold standard in gleaming smiles.

So, book an appointment between now and December 31, 2013, and let deme’s dental team treat your smile to a bright package: tooth bleaching and Invisalign teeth straightening system. In this package, deme offers you:

* A complimentary consultation

* The complete Invisalign teeth straightening treatment, regularly $6,000, for $5,400 with Care Credit*

* $600 financing costs covered by deme (coming out to $249 a month)

* deme’s Brite Smile teeth whitening process, regularly $550, for $399 with the package

* Regularly this package would cost $7,150. With the special, it’s $5,799–that’s a savings of more than $1,350.

With all best wishes for your continued health and fabulousness,

Your team at deme