deme’s Elizabeth (“Beth”) Cardarelli recently dispelled a face-full of summer skin care “rules” in an interview on We love Beth–and so will you. She has spent her career researching, testing, and even formulating the most effective and advanced formulas for skin care. A skin care expert and coach with 20 years of experience, Beth has formed professional associations with top dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and research scientists to advance the integration of skin care and medicine. Her reputation as one of the most trusted practitioners of paramedical esthetics is the gold standard–and we couldn’t be prouder to have her at deme.

Here’s a sneak peek from Beth’s expert myth-busting on

Myth No. 2: Never have a chemical peel or microdermabrasion treatment during the summer months because you’ll get even more sun damage.

Cardarelli:: … Summer is the perfect time for a mild chemical peel. During the sun intensive months, we all apply sunscreen more, we sweat more, our pores open up more, all of which can create skin blockages and breakouts, dullness, and milia – those hard, little white bumps that can show up on the cheeks or under the eye area. Peeling off those dead, blocked layers of skin will help your skin stay healthy and vibrant and stimulate new cell growth. 

It is true, however, that even with a mild peel, you’re taking off up to 35 layers of skin, so you are more exposed and may want to spend more time inside after a peel, and certainly keep re-applying a good sunscreen made for sensitive skin after a peel.

Hooray for our Beth! Then again, as we at deme well know, they don’t come any smarter or more gifted and experienced in the field of clinical skin care. Read Beth’s complete interview at

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