We at deme hope you’re having a safe, relaxing–flat-out fabulous–summer: beach, pool, picnics, late sunsets, maybe a trip or two. Bliss!

Squinting + sun + beach = crows' feet + wrinkles!

Squinting + sun + beach = crows’ feet + wrinkles!

 Still, you’ve probably noticed what we’ve detected: “beach eyes,” the flourishing of crows’ feet, thedeepening of “11” lines between the eyebrows. Then, there are the extra-grooved frown lines or wrinkly lip area, all of which come from sun damage, along with our instinct to squint and tighten our faces as we gaze out on those glorious rays. Not to mention the loss of eyelashes, as we rub obligatory but stingy sunscreen (or sand or grit or sweat) out of our eyes.


What we see in the mirror doesn’t reflect what we feel. Cheered by the sun’s warmth and the season’s long days, our faces look more stressed, aged, and wizened than ever. Honestly: It doesn’t seem fair.

     That’s why we’ve set up an amazing matchmaking special, which will get weather-worn faces to mirror that inner sunniness. Come in from August 5 to September 9 for deme’s essential summer care-package to be treated to:

  • Botox to smooth “11” lines between the brows or crows’ feet, with nationally-recognized Aesthetic Nurse Injector Maria Schafer, R.N., B.S.N. (noteMaria’s patients are already a devoted club, but did you know that her chief admirer is deme’s medical and plastic surgery director, Kevin Cross, MD.? High praise from a nationally-noted surgeon.)

  • Juvederm Ultra (one syringe) to plump out frown lines or wrinkly lip area, also with Maria Schafer;

  • An eyebrow shaping session with deme’s renowned “eyebrow whisperer,” Ani White;

  • A Latisse Kit for eyelash and eyebrow growth.

  • And it’s a punch-packed valueordinarily running at $1,125. But as empathetic summer compadres, we at deme have cut the price by $400: The entire package comes in at just $725.

Schedule your sessions for deme’s essential summer care-package today before our books fill up–they will–and allow our distinguished and expert clinicians take perfect care of you. You’ll leave looking as sunny, happy, and healthy as summer itself.

      All the best for your lasting health and fabulousness,

              your devoted deme team